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보증금 5천만원 안전등급☆☆☆☆☆

항시 무료스핀
안전제일 해외본사
올인부터 첫입금 재입금까지
최고의 서비스(강추)

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Buy DeSoto Women’s Liftfoil Speed Trisuit – 2016 – Review

DeSoto Women's Liftfoil Speed Trisuit - 2016 price

Review for DeSoto Women’s Liftfoil Speed Trisuit – 2016

DeSoto Women’s Liftfoil Speed Trisuit features coldblack technology and is hydrodynamically designed for swimming in non-wetsuit legal races. 100% Liftfoil Skin Fabric 16-inch YKK zipper in back Hydrolinear seam lines White contrast micro flatstitch One piece Floatpad (4-way stretch, buoyant and seamless custom tri pad) USAT approved and WTC legal Colors: Black


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Buy REPAIRED: Blue Seventy Women’s Thermal Helix Wetsuit – 2017 – Size WML – Review

REPAIRED: Blue Seventy Women's Thermal Helix Wetsuit - 2017 - Size WML price

Review for REPAIRED: Blue Seventy Women’s Thermal Helix Wetsuit – 2017 – Size WML

This suit has a small fingernail tear on the front of the right thigh that has been professionally repaired.Most days you will find us near or in the water, but open water swimming isn’t always inviting. For many of us it is often a cold and lonely experience. When we came to the realization that our neoprene accessories were not doing the trick in colder temperatures we set out to make them better. We dissected what the dive and surf industries do for cold-water adventures and pushed our manufacturing team to establish new ways to glue, stitch and tape. We’re excited to push the limits of cold water swimming with our THERMAL line of gear that will keep you swimming when others are daydreaming of the hot tub. Starting with the proven unparalleled performance of our flagship wetsuit, the Helix has been upgraded for frigid conditions. Made with anatomical patterning, improved interior construction and high-quality liner that meets our rigorous standards for stretch and durability. The THERMAL HELIX is different from the standard model in that it is fully lined with our mid-weight zirconium jersey that enhances warmth compared to standard jersey. This unique liner dries fast, minimizes weight and offers excellent flex. The THERMAL HELIX is built with a long-lasting high-grade traditional YKK zipper which will provide solo swimmers the ease of getting into their own suit. Proven TST panels maximize movement throughout the shoulders, arms and chest. Other features include durable SCS coating and a hidden key loop. All seams are triple glued, blind stitched and internally taped at high stress areas. TORSIONAL STRETCH TECHNOLOGY (TST) – The distinct blue panels of the Helix have been upgraded to silver premium Yamamoto 40 cell. Seam lines have been eliminated to free up the deltoid muscle to provide excellent arm and shoulder mobility. ZIRCONIUM – Full internal orange zirconium jersey reduces water absorption and protects against heat loss. FIT PANELS – Body mapped gender specifc 3mm side panels improve ft and compliment the torso and back leg buoyancy panels to improve body rotation. VO2 CHEST PANEL – Cold water can take your breath away. Your wetsuit shouldn’t. The redesigned split chest construction naturally and anatomically accentuates the lungs, producing the optimal amount of buoyancy while maximizing stretch during respiration. STANDARD ZIPPER WITH REDESIGNED LOWERED COLLAR – The Thermal Helix utilizes our industry standard zipper. Our curved closure fap reduces rear collar height improving comfort. BUOYANCY – The Helix is built on a 5-5-4 pattern, centralizing core buoyancy to raise the position of the hips in relation to the rest of the body. The chest and torso panels utilize super buoyant 5mm Yamamoto Aerodome to keep the hips high and promote an effcient downhill swimming position. HONEYCOMB AQUA FEEL – The Thermal Helix has been updated to a full neoprene catch panel to maximize warmth at the wrists.


Buy 2XU Women’s Compression Recovery Sock – 2017 – Review

2XU Women's Compression Recovery Sock - 2017 price

Review for 2XU Women’s Compression Recovery Sock – 2017

PRODUCT DETAILSIntroducing the new 2XU Compression Sock For Recovery – Completely redesigned with added features and benefits for enhanced recovery and all day comfort. Featuring anatomically correct left and right foot beds utilizing our newly designed footpads and arch positioning designed to provide maximum support for the foot in all sedentary position. Enhanced circulation through powerful gradient pressure ratings and new venting panels on top of foot for added all day comfort.Recovery use Post workout or competition, Extended periods in a static or sedentary position standing, sitting or sleeping, Rehab from injury or surgery, DVT Protection When TravelingBENEFITS Increased circulation Maximum muscle containment Reduced muscle fatigue, damage & injury Increased oxygen to muscles Faster recovery


Buy Four Keys To Long Course Triathlon Training – Review

Four Keys To Long Course Triathlon Training price

Review for Four Keys To Long Course Triathlon Training

Format: 90 Minute Lecture To finish an Ironman, or long distance triathlon, youll spend at least nine months building the vehicle that will carry you through your first race. But your success on race day will depend less on your vehicle and more on the choices you make, and execute, as the driver. With over 1000 Ironman finishers to their testament, coaches Rich Strauss and Patrick McCrann condense over 12 combined years of long-course coaching into four basic laws, or keys, of racing. The results of that effort is the Four Keys To Long Course Triathlon Training. Their wisdom provides a simple but empowering strategy to Ironman racing that will ensure your success on the big day. Learn how to: Set the right pace Avoid the most common mistake in Ironman racing Finish with a strong marathon Turn hills into your biggest ally on the bike Mentally prepare for the wall. and more.


Buy Aqua Sphere Women’s Tulsi Workout Bikini – Review

Aqua Sphere Women's Tulsi Workout Bikini price

Review for Aqua Sphere Women’s Tulsi Workout Bikini

While most swim brands are focused on the basic swimwear needs of competitive swimmers, Aqua Sphere has developed a range of products for Active swimmers that provides improved fit and function with a touch of fashion. The range features only the finest quality textiles, ensuring that your swimsuit will be durable and provide the best and most comfortable fit, regardless of your activity. Bikini Cross Back Low Leg Adjustable fit straps Aqua Inifinity fabric with unparalled durability – 47%P.B.T./53% Polyester UVA/UVB Protection Quick drying Breathable material


Buy Speedo Men’s Geotribe Flipturns Jammer – 2017 – Review

Speedo Men's Geotribe Flipturns Jammer - 2017 price

Review for Speedo Men’s Geotribe Flipturns Jammer – 2017

Made of sleek ProLT fabric, it offers loads of durability for a full season of recreational swimming and dual meets. If you’re looking for an effective suit at a price that won’t break the bank, the ProLT fabric offers an incredible balance of value, comfort, and style. Inner drawcord at waist Designed with stretchy fabric for great shape retention Front gusset enhances mobility Fabric: 85% Polyester/15% Spandex


Buy Louis Garneau Men’s Compression Short Sleeve Top – Review

Louis Garneau Men's Compression Short Sleeve Top price

Review for Louis Garneau Men’s Compression Short Sleeve Top

The Louis Garneau Men’s Compression Short Sleeve Top offers the benefits of Certified Lycra Power Compression for the upper body. Lycra Power supports blood circulation and helps resist fatigue in the muscles. The Compressive Fit of Louis Garneau’s Compression gear is not restricting and is designed to guide and facilitate your muscle’s natural movement. This product contains more Lycra than basic knits for full stretch and shape recovery. Its compression and unique support maximize muscles performance. Favors blood circulation in the muscles; good blood circulation during long rides allows better performance, and a resistance to fatigue from 10% up to 20% better. Absorbs and wicks moisture. Lycra Power clothing is designed to fit muscle shape and to provide maximum support to muscular fiber. Opaque mesh construction that provides extreme breathability. Uncomparable comfort and flexibility because of its spandex content which reduces chafe. Dries very quickly. This knit has a UPF/SPF 50


Buy 2XU Women’s Elite MCS Compression Tights – 2018 – Review

2XU Women's Elite MCS Compression Tights - 2018 price

Review for 2XU Women’s Elite MCS Compression Tights – 2018

The next generation in 2XU Compression technology – MCS (Muscle Containment Stamping) for targeted compression. MCS is a revolutionary fabric support system traced over key muscle, tendon and fascia groups to focus greater compression power to wrap precise areas and reduce muscle oscillation and damage.Front panels are engineered with powerful PWX FLEX (70D) fabric combined with MCS focused to the quads. Rear panels are engineered with powerful PWX WEIGHT (105D) fabric for support to the hamstrings and MCS focused to the calf.The Elite MCS Compression tight offers unparalled power and protection against muscle trauma during intense activity. Graduated engineering also offers impressive recovery benefits post exercise. PWX FLEX (70D) OFFERS POWERFUL COMPRESSION TO ABDUCTORS, QUADS AND SHIN. MCS IS TARGETED TO QUADS FOR ULTIMATE MUSCLE PROTECTION. ANATOMICAL MAPPING ENSURES MAXIMIUM CONTAINMENT AND SUPPORT. PWX WEIGHT (105D) FABRIC REAR PANELS DELIVER POWERFUL COMPRESSION TO PROTECT THE GLUTE, HAMSTRING AND CALF MUSCLES. MCS IS TARGETED TO THE CALF FOR ULTIMATE MUSCLE PROTECTION. GRADUATED COMPRESSION INCREASES BLOOD CIRCULATION FOR IMPROVED RECOVERY AND REDUCED MUSCLE STIFFNESS POST EXERCISE. DRAWSTRING WAISTBAND FOR AN ADJUSTABLE, SECURE FIT. FLATLOCK SEAMS TO REDUCE CHAFE FOR GREATER COMFORT. POWERFUL INVISTA LYCRA FOR EXCEPTIONAL FIT, SUPPORT AND RECOVERY. HIGH FILAMENT YARNS FOR DRYNESS WICKS MOISTURE FROM THE SKIN TO THE FABRIC EXTERIOR. ANTIBACTERIAL AND UPF50+ SUN PROTECTION


Buy Zipp 808 Front Clincher – Review

Zipp 808 Front Clincher price

Review for Zipp 808 Front Clincher

Year: 2008Criminally fast, amazingly easy to handle, totally legal. Independently verified by Germany’s Tour Magazine, as the most aerodynamic non-disc wheelset available anywhere in the world. Yes, faster and lighter than your venerable old dual tri-spoke set up in all conditions and with 28% less side-force for easy handling in crosswinds, the 808 is lethally fast and legal in all triathlon and road race applications. An arsenal of technology and hundreds of hours of fine tuning went into this wheel facts that will strike fear into the hearts of the competition. Peter Reid has scorched the Queen K with these beauties while David Zabriskie threw down with the fastest Tour de France Time Trial ever recorded. And let’s not forget the small matter of Fabian Cancellara’s rainbow jersey. All thanks to the radical ovoid rim cross-section and 82mm deep rim dimpled surface. Our exclusive aero technology will put you at the finish line before the wind even knows you’re out there.Hub Used 82 Rim Depth 82 mm Aero Width 26.25mm Spoke Count 16 Spoke Pattern Radial Dimpled Surface Yes


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